Amazon Video Ad Set



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Please note we offer two options – with talent and without a talent.

  • Without talent $995 USD for one asin package.
  • With talent $1,495 USD for one asin package.

Proved to be the HOTTEST working ad on Amazon these days, providing sellers with phenomenal ACOS and great results, Top Rated are happy to introduce their top of the line production services for sellers who wish to produce the best Amazon Video Ads.

Utilizing our 20 years of experience and understanding how the human mind works when it comes to shopping online, our teams of script writers, producers, talents and editors will create an amazing video ad set that will boost your product sales and ranking while keeping your ad spend costs low.

Package contains a professionally produced video ad in our studios.

The video ad will arrive in 3 different variations:

  • 45 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 15 seconds

WITHOUT TALENT: Some products do not need a talent to show their features and highlight what makes them such a top rated product. If your product doesn’t need an actor to hold it, move it, show how it works etc, you can choose this option.

WITH TALENT: Every product that requires an actor to highlight its features.

Video Ad Set Examples:



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