Amazon Live Brand Show

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Your full brand daily show

Have only one product on Amazon? Consider our Live Placement option for only one product.

What we offer with our ultimate brand package exposure:

  • Let us help you grow your brand using social media and Amazon Live. Out agency will take care of posting on your behalf on your social media and website, keeping your audience engaged with great fresh content constantly.
  • The full Amazon Live experience for your brand: You are ready to touch the hearts of your current customers and many other shoppers on the Amazon platform. You understand that there is much more to Amazon then simply to ‘sell’ your products. You want to give the support customers need, to help educate them about your products and how these products can help change their lives. You want to answer LIVE questions that Amazon shoppers have about your product. You also want to encourage new shoppers and existing customers to try other products your brand is offering for a special discount during the live experience.

    Amazon Top Rated Live is the world’s first channel that is offering all of the above with a beautiful cast of amazing talents who will be your spoke-persons on Amazon. They will highlight the benefits of your product and answer questions live. They will tell the world why YOUR brand is the best one and YOUR products are top rated. You will have your DAILY show with our talents and you’re invited to share your time slots with your customers so they can join live and ask questions, or learn how to use the product they purchased and other products your brand is offering. This multi-level product cross-sale is a huge added value for your brand and will definitely set you apart from other brands on Amazon.

  • 5 Times a Week Live Broadcast. We will help you connect with your customers and make your brand more relatable and accessible by broadcasting your Top Rated show 5 times a week, Monday through Friday.
  • Immense Brand Exposure. Unlike our 1 ASIN package, in this package you are receiving your OWN private show that is 100% dedicated to your brand, and your brand only. Give your products the stage they deserve. Our talents will demonstrate and talk about your product LIVE as well as interact with shoppers on the show, that will render incredible reach and access a broader viewer base, capture more attention and establish brand loyalty.
  • Relevant Viewers Only. Your video is only shown to the relevant shoppers, who surf Amazon in your specific category and niche that significantly improves the efficiency of the video, grabs maximum relevant viewers and converts them into customers.
  • Amazing Add to Cart Experience. With our Amazon Live streams, your products are front and center! Viewers can find the products directly next to the video player and either click on your product page, add them directly from the video to their cart or if you have variations – explore the different options from within the video player itself. With live streaming, you urge people to check your “limited-time offer” and actually convert the viewers into paid customers. We will be able to provide a special discount code during the live show and create scarcity for shoppers to buy NOW. We are also doing special giveaways and other fun interactions in different shows to generate even more buzz and social reach.
  • Live Chat. Our live talents will ensure seamless and fun interaction in real-time by chatting and interacting with shoppers and providing with general answers. This engaging experience is unparalleled and makes your brand stand out.
  • No Brand Registry Needed: Amazon Top Rated was the first ever influencer channel on Amazon. We are the ‘oldest’ and the most ‘profound’. We have the knowledge and abilities to make your brand stand out in this platform. We are the leaders on the channel and others are trying to copy what we do, because we got it going. Don’t settle for anything else, go with the leaders. As part of our original establishment with the Amazon Live team, we received a special authorization by Amazon to broadcast live streams for products who aren’t brand registered or brands, which were not invited to the Amazon Live Project.

    If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime by phone or email by clicking here.

Let our amazing talents promote YOUR product on Amazon Live.

Top Rated Cast

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