Amazon Top Rated Video Short

$359.00 / year

Have a TOP RATED video on your listing in the “Video Shorts” section. Only for selected products. Top Rated reserves the right to decline a product if it does not meet our strict requirements regarding quality, price, rating, and reviews.
What are you waiting for? Enroll your ASINS in our Top Rated Shorts subscription, and you’ll start seeing results in no time!

  • Important update:
  • As some sellers (unfortunately) took advantage of this offer, we shifted from monthly to annually rate:
  • Price now reflects an annual rate of $359 (per ASIN) – approx. 99 cents per day.
  • By placing an order for this service you agree to the important copyright disclaimer provided below on this page.

100 in stock (can be backordered)



Want to grow your conversions using Amazon Video shorts?

Amazon video shorts are becoming more and more popular as customers try to get a fast unboxing review from a trusted source, so they will know exactly what they are getting.

Think about the potential of having a video short from the one-and-only most-trusted source on Amazon… “Top Rated”.
Yes, if your product meets our strict guidelines, you might be eligible to enroll it in our new subscription program, where we will create a short unboxing video for you with one of our talented actors, that will highlight why your product is one of Amazon’s top-rated products.

Yes, it will say TOP RATED below the video, to emphasize your product is better than the competition, and will significantly increase your conversion rate as we see thousands of views daily across all video shorts we post, and sellers who work with us are simply loving it!

Stop right there~!
You probably thought that it’s so expensive to have a professional video production company like ours – produce a short unboxing video for you… but here’s the most amazing part of all:
We are charging a ridiculous price of one buck per day to have our video featured on your product page.

I’ll say that again, in case you think I’m kidding: only $1 dollar per day, per asin, including ALL, I repeat ALL, the costs of producing the video: the studio, the talent, the editing, and uploading it under our Top Rated channel to your listing where it’ll keep increasing your conversion rate daily!

  • Important copyright disclaimer: all rights to the video short production provided in this service is reserved to Top Rated Studio LLC. By completing an order and receiving this service you agree not to use the video in any other way or form other than what was intended by this service. Top Rated Studio does not grant any usage rights to anyone to post any video produced under this service in whole or in parts and/or to use frames taken from the video and/or to mention or use the “Top Rated” brand to promote the product outside of the scope of this service. You agree that the video produced for your product will only be used as a video short on your Amazon product listing and will only be uploaded using the Top Rated channel. You also agree that once you cancel the service, your video will be removed from your product listing and from the Top Rated channel and you will not have any rights whatsoever to use the produced video. Using the provided video without written permission from Top Rated Studio is a copyright infringement and will be treated as such.

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