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We will come up with the best concept for your new video. We will then write the script, cast the right talents, film in our studios and outdoors, edit and deliver a final video that will make your product shine.

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Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise when it comes to producing a mind-boggling video for your product. Get your product noticed and bought whether you promote it on Amazon, Shopify, Woo-Commerce or any other e-commerce platform.

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After producing thousands of videos in the past few years, you can rely on us to perform the best work possible. We understand how viewers see videos and we keep testing and experimenting with new ways to get viewers attention. Our vast experience helps us deliver results for YOUR product.

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We know that there are many video producers out there. Some of them are shooting from home with simple equipment and are charging low fees for their work. BUT! Will you trust a small factory with cheap machines and equipment to manufacture your product? Of course not. Then don’t compromise on your video production team. Make sure you go with a studio that has a proven record of delivering phenomenal videos for their clients. Choose us!

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As you can see in the list above we offer many types of video productions. We will be able to work with you and find the right video for your product and needs.

Our videos are designed to sell. We highlight the benefits of your product in a very visual way. You can use our videos to promote your products on all Social Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, your own website etc. Yes, we can render our videos in different aspect ratios to fit different platforms and we follow strict guidelines when producing videos to platforms such as Amazon, Instegram etc.

Many Amazon sellers are using our video ads to boost their ranking by bidding on powerful keywords and taking advantage of the fact that Video Ads are new on the Amazon Platform. This way their videos are getting many clicks which turn into conversions and help boost their ranking on Amazon result pages.

We wish there was one simple answer to this question. It depends on many factors but you can rest assured that we are one of the fastest delivery studios in the market today. While we are waiting for your product to arrive to our studio we are already working on the script, development and setup that will make production a breeze once your product actually arrives. Our video editors are extremely professional which helps us to finalize the footage into a magnificent piece of art FAST.

Absolutely yes. They used to say that one picture is worth a thousand words. So how much is a video worth? We believe that one good video is worth a 1,000 product sales for your product. Remember, the video will stay with your product for many years to come and you’ll be able to share it everywhere to generate more sales. Invest in a good video and you won’t be disappointed.

Amazon Live is a new service offered by Amazon to help brands promote their products by reaching more engaged audience. Top Rated was the first channel that was authorized by Amazon to produce live content on behalf of third party seller and we are still the most dominant channel on the platform today with thousands of live hours every month. If you would like to feature your product on Amazon Live, then we are the right place!

Our service is from start to finish. We will research about your product, write an engaging script, cast the right talents/actors for the video, produce a shooting day (or days) and take care of everything from makeup artists, to director, cameramen, props and everything that a good production needs. We will then edit the video, add special effect, motion graphics, audio and titles so the final result will be superb. Remember, every video we produce is also a way for us to showcase our creativity so we really want to make it perfect.

To order our service you need to complete an order online, pay the production fee and ship 2 units of your product to our studios. We will then start the process and keep you informed about our progress.

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