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Boost sales with our Amazon Live services

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Make this upcoming Q4 a blast with Amazon Live: add your product to our daily LIVE show on Amazon! We are the only dedicated studio in the world that is streaming live shows daily, all day long, to Amazon Live! 

Your product will be featured on our LIVE SHOW daily! We stream 7 days a week so you never miss a sale!

Amazon Live Placement Service by Top Rated Studio

Top Rated is the first channel on Amazon Live authorized to stream on behalf of 3rd party sellers. Our first stream was on March 2019. Since then we streamed thousands of shows on a daily basis.

We are the leaders on the platform, and as the pioneers, we collected immense data so we simply know what works! We analyze our shows data and keep getting better and better, one stream at a time.

No one streams more than us. This is how we are able to generate close to half a million dollars in product sales monthly. We are 100% transparent, see our official influencer screenshot down this page.

The most converting LIVE shows: streaming that makes your brand shine and your products sell! Unlike other influencers who are niche specific, our followers love our daily variety and offers.

Now this is what we call
an amazing promotion!

We help our sellers get phenomenal brand awareness, answering questions about their products Live, while boosting their sales and ranking on Amazon.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to book your spot in our daily shows!

Slots are very limited and we are already at 70% capacity with our current brands. We are usually sold out for 2-4 weeks ahead, so book today!

You can order 1 or up to 3 placements per day.
That’s between 28 and 84 placements every month! No other streaming company offers that many professional productions from a top-of-the-art TV studio, for such an unbelievable rate.

Top Rated Prime Day Streamathon on Amazon Live


  • We are the FIRST channel that was authorized by Amazon Live to stream on behalf of 3rd party sellers.
  • This means we have the most experience, we collected the most data, and we just KNOW what works and what doesn’t.
  • The only end-to-end production house on Amazon Live: with TV studios committed ONLY to Amazon Live.
  • LIVE professional shows from morning till night: No other channel on Amazon streams as much as we do.
  • The biggest variety of highly skilled, well-trained, professional talents: knowledgeable, energetic and persuasive.
  • This is how we are able to generate on average $500,000 dollars in product sales for our sellers every single month.
  • Reserve your spot today as our air-time is limited and we are almost always at full capacity!

Stream Live with Top Rated
Here's what you get

  • Amazon Top Rated Live is the world’s first channel that is offering all of the above with a beautiful cast of amazing talents. Let us become your spoke-persons on Amazon.
  • Our talents will highlight the benefits of your product and answer questions live. They will tell the world why YOUR product is the best one out there.
  • Have your product featured DAILY alongside other related Top Rated products in your niche.
  • You’re invited to share your time slot with your customers so they can join live and ask questions, or learn how to use the product they just purchased.
  • Benefit from other sellers in your caliber, who have a top rated product in your niche and are promoting it on our specialty show as well. This multi-level product cross-sale is a huge added value for you as a seller, and will definitely add sales and more awareness to your growing brand on Amazon.
  • 5 Days a Week Live Broadcast of your chosen products on our specialty shows. We will help you connect with your customers and make your product more relatable and accessible by broadcasting your product 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.
  • Join over 30 brands who chose us to boost their sales, ranking and conversions with us!

Everything, literally everything, you wanted to know about our Amazon Live streaming services and was too shy to ask us:

Each package you order is good for one product which is only one ASIN. We have a few items in our carousel and we want to make sure each product gets the attention it needs. You can order more packages to feature your other products (asins)

Each package guarantees that we will feature your product at least once a day in one of our daily shows. If you choose a larger package of 2, 3, 4 or 5 streams per day, your product will be featured in more than one show per day. As an example: if you choose our “3 Streams Per Day” package, your product will be featured in 3 daily shows, 5 days a week for a total of 15 shows throughout the week and 60 shows throughout your 4 week streaming cycle.

No, we actually rotate the products and shows to make sure that your product will be featured in different times of the day, as well as different locations during each show. So one day your product will be at the beginning of the morning show, and on a different day at the end of the evening show.

We are the only Amazon Live dedicated studio in the world currently, streaming about 10 daily shows from morning till night! You will be featured in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 of our daily shows, 5 days a week (Monday through Friday), and each time on a different time.

Absolutely yes. Our plan is a recurring plan which means that we will charge you every month for the next 4 weeks of live streams. Because of the preparation and work each new product creates (research, script, asset collection for the live stream etc), we require a 4 week commitment for each plan. However, you can cancel before the end of your 4 week cycle and you will not be charged for an additional 4 week cycle.

Yes you can. But! You must order a package for each product. If you have multiple products you would like to stream with us you will need to order more packages. One package per ASIN. Each product is featured in it’s own time slot in a show, and we can’t squeeze 2 products in one time slot. And we know what you’re thinking… but no, you can’t buy the “3 streams a day package” and request a different ASIN in each slot. You’ll need to buy the “1 stream a day” x 3 times, each package for a different product, to make it happen and keep us, our talents and our software and tools organized 😉

Your spot duration varies from one show to another but it is usually between 3 to 5 minutes. The full show usually runs anywhere between 40 to 50 minutes. While the show runs your product might be mentioned again when different live questions are being asked. Here’s the important thing: your product will be added to the cart throughout the show, even when it is not being talked about directly. Our viewers are happy to look at the different products we highlight as “Top Rated” in the carousal below our live stream. Imagine an Amazon shopper who clicked into your product page and saw that your product is being featured on a “Top Rated” live episode, what a wonderful boost for your listing conversion!

As long as we are not sold out, THE MAXIMUM IS WITHIN 14 DAYS. Usually much faster. During these 14 days the following steps happen:

1. You ship 2 units of your product to our studios. We request 2 because sometimes one package arrives broken. Also, it’s always smart to have more than one unit in our studio just in case.

2. We conduct a product research to learn more about your product and competition.

3. We write the scripts.

4. We take pictures of our talents and create beautiful thumbnails for each and every show we will stream during the month. 

5. We collect all the assets we can find about your product (images, videos etc) to add them during the live shows to keep our audience engaged and encourage them to click and add your product to their shopping cart.

Our talents are all local American premium and professional actors. All speak fluent English. All graduated from the top New York acting schools. All go through many auditions and practical workshops to deliver the best Amazon Live experience for the viewers. Don’t compromise on talents when it comes to your brand’s reputation. Viewers want to enjoy the live stream, understand the spokes person and not have to break their teeth understanding what the talent is saying. We’ve got you covered. By hiring us to stream on your behalf you are going with the industry’s best.

Top Rated studio has over 20 professional actors streaming throughout the week. It is not possible to have the same talent streaming 200 shows per month, so we keep rotating between our different talents daily. This is why we can’t offer the option to choose a specific talent for a specific product. As an added benefit, having a different talent in each show is actually a wonderful thing that helps keep the shows fresh. Each show someone else is talking about your product in their own way and unique style. Some people relate more to talent A and some relate more to talent B, so you’re getting the most out of your package.  We witnessed a few brands who tried to be “smart” and hired someone to sit on a chair and keep promoting their product every day. The result is usually very boring and instead of generating sales, it makes the viewers go away. The person who was sitting there on a chair looked dull and bored, and had to say the same things about the same product again and again and again. No passion, no excitement. Don’t fall into this trap. Choose Top Rated to be sure that the talents will ALWAYS be excited and passionate about your products!

* We do however offer a special add on to allow you to choose a specific gender or similar attributes (depending on your product) for an additional cost. As an example, one of our brands required only girls to show their beauty product line. Contact us to learn more about these options.

Top Rated Studios are located in Union City, New Jersey, 10 minutes away from the heart of Manhattan. Most of our talents are New York based and are all professional actors who graduated prestigious acting schools in New York. We are the 1st and only studio in the world 100% dedicated to Amazon Live.

So many reasons why. But let’s just say the following:

We were the FIRST channel authorized by Amazon Live to stream on behalf of 3rd party sellers on June 2018, when Amazon Live just launched. We simply have the most data, and we know better. No other streamer can stream 200 monthly shows non stop. We’re the world’s only Amazon Live dedicated studios.

Constant traffic. Yes. Constant. We know some sellers tried hiring random actors to stream on their behalf but not only did they not provide the traffic we deliver, they weren’t constantly streaming daily. We never “forget” to stream. We never bore our audience with the same dull talent who “must” stream the same products again and again and looks like he is going to fall asleep. We have over 20 professional talents, all New York based actors, who are passionate and excited to promote your products DAILY!

Our channel isn’t a starting channel. We are the first channel. We have been streaming since June 2018, and we have over 200,000 views every single month. Thousands of product clicks and over 50,000 dollars (as of nov 2020) in product sales for our sellers. And the numbers are ONLY growing every month!

We grow daily! Each day we have more followers on Amazon Live as well as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Instagram. We stream to many channels at the same time as well as keep our audience engaged with other great posts and newsletters we deliver to them outside the Amazon platform. You can see the screenshot above that shows sample of our 30 days stats although you must understand that sellers report much more sales that are taking place on their sales page just because our live show appears on their listing. You see, even traffic you generate organically or with sponsored ads, who arrive to your product page, and see that your product is featured in the Amazon “TOP RATED” live show, will convert immediately. So yes, we deliver the traffic and a lot of it, it’s up to your product listing to make the sale!

Our shows are streamed live to as well as to our social media channels. Most live streams will appear on all the product pages as well, as long as the product is in our carousel and Amazon approved the placement of live streams on that specific product page.

Yes. All our lives are available in all our social media channels as well as in a dedicated page on our website that you will get access to. This stats page also shows you the information Amazon is sharing with us, including the views, clicks, revenue etc.

You, as a brand, can help get more attention to your show. We will be able to provide to you the links to the upcoming shows where your product will be featured and you can help promote these links to your customers, encourage them to tune in and ask questions or learn how to use your product better

By getting our talents even more familiar with your product. To do this, you’ll need to allocate 30 units of your product which our talents can receive ahead of time and use daily before starting the stream. We know what you’re thinking… And the answer is YES: We can have the talents order the product on Amazon using your preferred link and you can reimburse us for their purchase. We charge an additional 20% on top of the unit price to cover the associated fees and handling (credit card commissions, paying back our talents etc).

We are the pioneers of Amazon Live. We were the first ones to stream and we collected so much data during the last 18 months. Bottom line? The more Top Rated products appear in our show, the more interesting it is, the better the audience engagement and the click-through-rate to each of the products.

We cannot guarantee any type of sales just because some of our brands see 1% increase and some see 1000% increase. We know how to deliver the best qualified traffic who are hot and ready to buy. We also know that having our live video highlighted on your product page increases your conversion significantly. Now it’s up to your product listing to make the sale. The better your product listing (pictures, video, reviews and price), the more sales. 

We do recommend checking your statistics and sharing them with us so we can learn and improve. REMEMBER: The majority of sales will happen between 2-14 days after each stream. The reason is that Amazon’s algorithm will keep targeting the viewers of our lives and try to sell them the products they were interacting with again and again for 14 days.  Learn how to share your stats with us HERE.

You will see a big increase in page impressions and your conversion rate might be affected, however your overall sales will increase. This is because we are sending what Amazon refers to as “On Site” traffic from within the Amazon platform.

We can’t wait to hear your success stories with our channel, please share them with us so we can make sure we are all on the right path to success!

If you’re a seller, you can stream your own products on the platform but you will most likely be on the lowest streaming tier which means you will see just a handful of viewers per stream. 

It takes thousands of stream minutes and thousands of product sales to climb to the next tiers of Amazon Live. We worked hard for you so you don’t have too! 

In fact, Amazon are actually promoting our Influencer channel more then they will boost your channel as they are trying to monetize the live streams sellers are doing by asking them to pay to boost their stream. Simple: we get the views and are proved to generate the sales, you will have to pay to get your stream seen and most likely it’ll not be as converting as a professional studio like ours.

We have hundred of thousands of views, tens of thousands of product clicks, and we generate over $100,000 dollars from our lives as you can see in the screenshot above. 

We keep promoting our live shows on all our social media platforms, our own club website as well as on our weekly blasted newsletter.

So the answer is yes, you can stream on your own, but is it worth your time? Most likely no. Hire us. You’ll be free and happy 🙂

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Our channel can only stream a certain number of products on each show. Make sure you reserve your daily spot before we reach capacity.