Ready to boost your sales and conversions during this upcoming prime day with Amazon Live?

Last year, the products we promoted on our shows saw a 300% increase in sales compared to our normal streaming days, and this year as Amazon is pushing their new Amazon Live platform forward – we expect to see even better results!

During 2020 Amazon Prime day was on October 13-14 where there was a huge jump in product sales on our Amazon Live channel that also lasted for the entire week. This is an official screenshot from our Amazon Live channel reports.

Time is running out!

Amazon still didn’t officially announce this year’s prime days – but it is expected to happen later this month and we almost sold out on the spots we have available so …

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5 shows during the first day and 5 shows on the second day!

That’s a huge exposure as our live streams will not only be featured on your product pages, but also on hundreds of other related product pages that Amazon shoppers are checking out.

Amazon Live is growing rapidly, and we see an amazing growth month-to-month on our channel.

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And if we don’t currently have your product in our studios, we also must hurry and order the products so it’ll be here in time!

Last year a few sellers were left behind only because their products didn’t arrive in time for the live streams, so the clock is ticking.

For only $499 dollars, you will be featured in 10 shows, along with other top rated products like yours, that will convince everyone that your product is a must have during Prime Day.


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That’s an amazing deal.